You are about to see lectures from School of Medicine, South Carolina University (USCMED) taught to second year Medical students (2007 – 2009) by the same professors who contributed as Editors to the Online book. They are inspiring classes for beginners in Microbiology and Immunology.  In our system they are in different presentation. The students can stop when they want and they can navigate within the lecture. And it will cost him just a buck or two to help us to maintain the service. Please have a look at this sample first! Now, get them below. You will need to be logged in to see the lecture.


Amazingly inspiring online classes!

Are you missing those lectures that used to be linked to the online book? Here is where they are now. We made them into more comfortable presentation for you. Just grab a cup of tea and enjoy them!


Contains 31 lectures.


Contains 10 lectures.


Contains 26 lectures.


Contains 29 lectures.


Contains 08 lectures.

Clinical Correlations

Contains 10 lectures.