Antibiotics and bac. genetics (3) – Lecture 8

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About the lecture ‘Antibiotics and bacterial genetics (3)’

The lecture ‘Antibiotics and bacterial genetics (3)’ comes from power point presentations recorded live at the School of Medicine of South Carolina University. That was between years 2007-2009 and it is linked to the Microbiology and Immunology online book edited by Dr. Richard Hunt.

Click for a sample lecture

Click for a sample lecture

Aprenda Plugado offers this new version of the same lecture, now edited with modern softwares. The lecture is interactive, clickable all over and searchable internally. Because of these advantages it is not available for download. The registered reader is requested to log in to see the lecture, which is to be seen online only and for unlimitted time (unless otherwise stated).

The advantage of the presentations in Aprenda Plugado over any lecture based on streaming video is that they are interactive, clickable all over and searchable internally. They are not available for download because each one of them is a folder intelligently assembled by modern softwares. They are stored in an appropriate server with some costs for Aprenda Plugado. We are not making profit out of the lectures by themselves, but we charge you a ridiculous ‘cup of coffee’ price for our edition, storage and maintenance.

Since the originals were recorded live a while ago, of course they do not represent what is being taught these days in that University. They can be used as good introductory lectures. The learner is offered to update his/her knowledge by reading the online book, which is being constantly updated by Dr. Hunt. Links for the chapters are provided within each lecture.

How to see the lectures

In order to see them running on your screen  you need to be registered and logged in Aprenda Plugado. Please ask the translator in your browser to help you with the Portuguese words in buttons or titles. You also need to have your Flash player updated on your desktop or mobiles. For these you can find it on your store. The’Puffin Web Browser’ or Photon Flash Player’ seem to work pretty well.

Please try the sample above and click around to see what happens. So, you can´t wait to start the real lectures, can you? Just go for it and… Learn Plugged In! (from portuguese language: Aprenda Plugado).


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