We are bilingual educators with post-graduation in Health Sciences in New Zealand and in Brazil. We are committed to providing easy access to information for low resourced students in Brazil. We offer virtual solutions in Education by use of captivating digital e-learning software because we want to make learning an enjoyable adventure.

Aprenda Plugado is the Portuguese expression to say ‘Learn Plugged In’ and is the title of the website developed by Dr. Myres Hopkins to offer her services as a Digital Learning Developer. Dr. Myres is a retired Doctorate professor from a Medical School from UFPE (a Brazilian Union University). In New Zealand she has undergone more studies (MsC in Molecular Medicine) and worked as a staff for the Auckland Cancer Society Research Center and took part in different projects at the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy of The University of Auckland. She was a translator in Clinical Research for the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, translated Medical books for the Brazilian top Editor GEN-Grupo Editorial Nacional – Editora Guanabara Koogan’ and subtitled movies for an American Movie Company called CAPTION INC. CINEMATEX. But it was certainly the translations to Dr. Richard Hunt, Co-Director at School of Medicine of the South Carolina University (USA) and Editor of the Microbiology and Immunology Online Book that launched Dr. Myres in 2008 into the field of Digital Learning Development. The video-lectures associated to the book was given to Dr. Myres by Dr. Hunt and she transformed them into attractive courses by use of advanced e-learning technologies published published in her own platform.

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We innovate for you: supporting Online Tertiary Education in Brazil is now feasible! You may want to introduce Aprenda Plugado to your professor!